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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What Waistline?

What's a girl to do when faced with this - fresh from the oven?  I don't think I've seen my waistline since the Nixon administration!

My DH just returned from a three-day hiking trip to his favorite spot - the Mt. Mitchell area of the Blue Ridge.  He came home with beautiful fresh NC apples, Amish cheese and other delights.  Since he loves to cook and insists on doing it all himself, dinner tonight was lovely - not a Wendy's salad or a deli wrap which I'd been having.  We had a beautiful roast chicken, fresh green beans, brown rice and freshly baked apple pie. The pie is not at all on my eating plan, but he went to all that trouble and I certainly did not want to hurt his feelings.  It was DIVINE!  I'm really glad he's never gotten into baking  bread or other treats.  I have enough trouble staying "on plan" as it is!  Yowza!

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Deb said...

I think the rest of the meal was so very nutritious that it balanced out the apple pie! And hey, apples are fruit and you're suppose to have 3 or so servings a day right?