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Friday, August 27, 2010

My Work in Columbus OH

Hello again, dear readers. After an absence of several weeks, I'm finally getting things almost back to normal. 

My piece Hot Stuff will be in exhibited in Columbus OH.  The "Fire and Ice" exhibit runs Sept. 11 to October 2 at Galleria Evangelia, 4269 N. High Street.  614.354.557.  The show features art glass as well as textiles from Art Quilt Network members.

 Hot Stuff
26 x 27"
Machine pieced of hand-dyed*, repurposed and commercial cottons.  Hand quilted with embroidery floss.
*Border fabric hand-dyed by Debra Lunn and Michael Mrowka.

 Artist's Statement:  Red hot glowing heat, the brilliant oranges of burning.  These are words which define FIRE to me.  HOT STUFF, with its random movement, conveys the sporadic rampage of fire - the unpredictability of its course.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Tragedy Averted!

I was awakened this morning by a tremndous noise and concussion which shook the house.  "What was that?" I yelled.  No response.  A quick look from the bathroom window into the backyard showed nothing. I then heard rapid knocking on the front door just as my DH burst in through the back door.  "Are you OK?" I heard our neighbor Liza ask.  She'd heard the noise and rushed here from four houses away.

My DH and Numa, our grandpuppy, had been in the garden when Bill suddenly heard a loud pop/crack.  He looked up just in time to see a 60', 24" diameter portion of the neighbor's giant oak tree heading straight for him - fast!  He and Numa took off on a dead run, narrowly escaping the crush.  The tree reached half-way into our garden, where my DH spends much time.  He and a young couple had been standing just under the tree late yesterday, searching for their lost dog.  If the limb had fallen then, all three might have been killed.

The limb - so big I literally thought it was a whole tree at first glance - fell across power lines, disconnecting electricity, phone and cable.  It also knocked out a window and crashed through a corner of the garage next door as well as damaging my DH's car.

What happened this morning was yet another reminder of how precious each moment is.  Had my husband not been fleet of foot, well...............I don't even want to go there.  He said "It was literally like running for a bunker in Vietnam and hoping I'd make it."  He's safe.  Numa is safe.  The other stuff is just that - stuff.

Duke Energy was here within 30 minutes to pull a new line.  The cable is being repaired as I write.  The phone?  "We'll try to get someone out there by 6 p.m. FRIDAY!"  FRIDAY????? How can they be that busy, when almost no one has land lines now?  They've probably had to lay off their repair crews due to lack of business.

I'm posting from my DH's wireless laptop.  My computer is DSL - so no internet for days unless I get a tv crew out here for an "Action 9" report from the back yard.  I'll post photos after phone service is repaired.

We had a very close call this morning and know how very blessed we are.  Be safe, everyone.

Update:  All systems are up and running.  The phone guy (Scott, who was wonderful) arrived after 5 and spent nearly two hours rigging a temporary fix.  We now have both phone lines and DSL operating.  We're not sure whether my DH's threat to call action 9 or have a press conference at corporate headquarters five blocks from here was what did the trick, but our file had been marked "highest priority."  If you want action, you have to make some noise.

As the day has passed, I've felt more and more emotional about this morning's event.  That tree came down in probably less than three seconds, and yet my DH and our grandpuppy escaped.  I've just had an "adult beverage."