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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thrifting Mondays

I've set daily goals for myself, attempting to get a lot of things out of the way before hand surgery later this summer.  Yesterday's "assignment" wasn't completed until after midnight, delaying my Thrifting Mondays post to today.

I'm drawn to quirky items, especially if they're red and especially if they're kitchen or advertising related.  I have no idea where this coin box was used, but the word HONOR pulled me in.

When I enter a thrift store, I always check the linen racks first.  No longer easily found, vintage percale sheets are prized.  Nothing feels as good and restful on a warm night as slipping between cool, cotton sheets.  Chenille bedspreads, found for just $4.50 back in the day, are now scarce, as are vintage pillowcases.

Quilts keep popping up, but 90% are not great.  I cannot remember the top, as I bought a "cutter" quilt simply for the backing fabric - whimsical circus animals and dancing marionettes - circa 1940.  

A "cutter" quilt was bought just for its backing fabric.  How fun!

Until next week, good thrifting!

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