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Monday, July 12, 2010

Thrifting Mondays

Chinese Coins thrifted quilt top - my latest one!

One of my favorite thrift stores sells huge bags of fabrics for $3.50.  The bags are clear, allowing a look at some of the contents before committing.  Sometimes it is all 1970s polyester double knit, sometimes towels, sometimes old upholstery fabrics or scraps of doilies.  On occasion I've really lucked out and found quilt tops. 

My first were a very poorly stitched double wedding ring and an equally bad grandmother's fan - in the same bag!  Since each had the same pale yellow fabric, I asumed they were madc by the same person. Shown below is the next bagged up charmer I found - a crazy quilt with some very nice sections. 

Although the overall look of this crazy quilt is primitive, I loved its innocent quality.  Note the bunnies nibbling a carrot in the middle block.  The leaf next to them is bigger than they are.

My last find was the quilt shown at the top of the page.  I'm guessing the fabrics in the Chinese Coins piece were from the 1990s.  Can anyone give me a closer date?

This latest top is fairly square - not all wonky as the first quilts were.  It will be a good practice piece for machine quilting. 

What exciting finds have you made recently?  Would love to hear about them.  And don't forget to check Selena who gave me this great Thrifting Mondays idea.  Her blog is one of my favorites. http://apronthriftgirl.typepad.com/

Sleep tight, babycakes. xoxox   Ellen.

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