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Monday, July 5, 2010

Thrifting Mondays - Week Four

I loved this primitive quilt the moment I saw it.  Problem was, it was in the hands of someone else.  I was determined to have it, deciding it was a matter of will.   From several aisles away, I just kept looking at her, quietly repeating, "Put it back.  Put it back.  Put it back."  She was with a group and on  the phone with another. "Put it back."    My heart jumped as she put the quilt on its hanger, hung it up and walked out of the store. In seconds it was in my hands.  Apparently, she (or her friend on the phone) had decided $8.00 was too much to pay for this  country quilt.

Who doesn't love dogs?

The big appeal for me was the folk-art quality of the puppies.

They were hand appliqued and quilted - in a Baptist fan design.
Circa 1940


power saw blades said...

A pretty ideal design for kids' room. They will definitely love the simple design of that puppy on their bed and their pillow as well.

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Congratulations on the power of your mind! Love the quilt. Even I would have paid eight bucks for it!

Halima said...

Beautiful quilt you found. And a great story in obtaining it! So many times I do the same when I am at the trift store, but never have I had the good fortune of them putting it back!

Vicki K. said...

Wow - I can hardly believe you only paid $8 - and that somebody actually put it down!! The puppies are adorable. I also just read your post about your featherweights. That is incredible too. Those are highly coveted machines in the Pacific NW.

Ellen Guerrant said...

Thanks for visiting, everyone. One other source I've failed to mention is SOR - side of road. Rule #1: If you see it, grab it, 'cuz it won't be there for long. Ellen xoxox