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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Stash Reduction Sale

The stash reduction sale at my quilt guild tonight was fun, but attendance down during this holiday week.  I did sell all my stretched canvases, several vintage linens and trims (always my best sellers), a very nice tabletop quilting frame, fabrics and some hand-dyed wool. 

There were incredible deals - beautiful fabrics, antique quilts, books, vintage buttons, patterns.  Members not there missed an awesome sale.

We were set up next to Nancy Cook, quilter extraordinaire. http://www.nancygcook.com/  Her DH went to school with my DH's brother, so the guys had a great time visiting.

Here are a couple of pix: 

Nancy Osterberg's stash

Karen (Center) Ponischil's collection included a few familiar fabrics -
such as the chicken print Vicki Amon is holding.  The coral hand-dyed wool in Vicki's hand came from my stash.

My DH was kind enough to help me on this very hot day. After he'd set up my tables and unloaded the car, I noticed him helping set up AV equipment. He also helped those without "man power" set up and tear down.  Thanks, honey.

We don't keep ice cream in the house, but tonight was an exception. I picked up his favorite - buttered pecan - and mine (at least for tonight) - strawberry.  Can you believe he resisted?  Not me.  I haven't had ice cream in forever, so savored every spoonful.  YUM!


Deb said...

I'm so sorry that I missed all of the fun! The heat kept me at home, plus a too early day of work! My question is, did you end up bringing anything extra home or did your DH keep you from that?

Ellen Guerrant said...

I did buy 3 tiny things for my sisters from the guild booth. Just a little spent to help them out. Everything is still in my car, where it may stay until cooler weather. I do NOT want it back in the studio.