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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 234th Birthday, USA!

For many years, I've collected flags and flag images.  Among them are an old postcard with words I love.

My country 'tis of thee,
Sweet land of liberty!
Of thee I sing.

This framed WWI era image is one of the first "antiques" I bought.
I remember paying $4.00 in a very old store on Brevard St. uptown.
Sadly, all that is now gone.

Several 48-star versions, once easily found at estate and yard sales, are in my collection.  We also have the faded flag which hung at my husband's boyhood home the entire time he was in the military - night and day. 

A very old paper flag once hung upside down in the window of our son's room.  A sign of distress, the flag hung with an xray and a button which read, "Life is uncertain.  Eat dessert first."  Words to live by.  Of this I am more than sure.

We fly the flag every day and always have, mostly in honor of those who serve.    

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