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Monday, June 28, 2010

Thrifting Mondays

It's week two of Thrifting Mondays, inspired by Apron Thrift Girl (see right sidebar).  Travel teaching has kept me busy, so I didn't get to the thrift stores this week.  I was thrilled to find this Singer part -  in its original box - some time ago. I'm always on the hunt for anything sewing related - be it fabrics, machines or buttons and thread.

The attachment has three cams.

Too cool.

Until I found this Singer featherweight zig zag attachment I wasn't aware it existed.  Makes sense though.  The buttonholer makes the most perfect buttonholes ever and employs a zig zag motion.  I never use other machines for those, but that point is moot.  I no longer make my own clothes so have no need for buttonholes. 

It was a grand find, as I have a growing collection of featherweights.  My first belonged to an aunt.  It could have gone to any of my three sisters, but came to me because, at the time, I didn't have a good sewing machine.  Reason enough.  I'd never seen a featherweight and thought it was the cutest thing ever. There's a photo of me somewhere, taken the day before my son was born, making a Raggedy Andy doll on my Aunt Esther's machine.

I always wanted another and searched for years.  Suddenly, they began to fall in my lap, along with the card tables.  My BIG IDEA was to start a featherweight business with my DH.  That still hasn't happened.  But I am blessed to have three tables, five or six featherweights and many attachments.  When the market is right, most will be sold. 

If you're patient and persistent, almost everything can be found at a thrift store.  I'd love to hear about your "finds." Happy hunting!

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