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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I replaced the broken beads on my DIL Suzie's sundress with patchwork. 

I've been working on this project for most of the last four weeks.  Well, I've been thinking about how to work on this project for most of that time.  My quilt work is abstract and usually does not require exact matching.  So this was a challenge!

I tried several things before acknowledging I'd need a curved edge mirror-image template which matched the formerly beaded area.  Once I drew the template, I marked it for paper foundation piecing.  About half of the piecing was done on the foundation.  I used a different method on each quarter-inch cream colored strip. 

Once the patchwork was sewn, I resorted to dressmaking techniques. The inner neckline was sewn with wrong sides together and the seam allowances understitched.  To finish the straps, I used wide bias tape, sewing it to the patchwork and straps which were then understitched and hand stitched to the back side.  This is the same technique one would use in facing the armhole of a  sleeveless blouse.  Seam allowance for the center front of the patchwork were pressed under and then hand stitched in place.

The blue tie-dye like fabric was left over from the kids' wedding quilt.  The chocolate linen was formerly one of Suzie's blouses.  The mottled cream cotton was in my stash. 

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