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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Current Challenge

Beads, sewn to black netting, once adorned this dress.

Sans beads.

My DIL found and fell in love with this soft orange dress at a local thrift shop.  It was decorated with tons of beads, some of which had come loose.  She thought a patchwork of blue, cream and brown fabrics would be a great substitution.

The beads were fairly easy to remove, as they were sewn to a net base.  Once I'd gotten them off, I noticed the triangles weren't uniform in size.  My solution?  Print a copy of the beads themselves and use it as a guideline.  

Bead trim

That idea proved impractical.  Next, I cut a paper pattern for the proposed patchwork and folded it into equal segments.  Not a winner either.  After fooling around with ideas for a while, I decided to do my own little Project Runway!

The dress was draped on a dress form (also found at the thrift store years ago).  I was amazed at how much easier it was to design the patchwork on the actual dress.  My prototype was finished tonight.  After a bit of tweaking, I'll do the final stitching tomorrow.

This has been a challenge, as I don't usually work within certain parameters.  But I enjoy figuring out how to make things work, so this has been fun. 

Film at 11.

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