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Friday, March 12, 2010


Notebook cover for Delaney

Arwen's Notebook Cover

I've been working on a commission for five quilted notebooks for children.  I create the patchwork in the first step.  When it came time to quilt them, I found the box for my walking foot was empty!  Did you ever try to quilt without one?  How could I have lost my Bernina even-feed foot?  I had lucked upon a second one at the thrift store months ago and sold it on ebay.  My little sister had advised, "You better hold on to that.  You might need it some day."  Snort.  I should have listened to her. 


Deb said...

Would that little sister be Patty? Know it all! Don't you hate when they're right! Well that evenfeed foot has to be there some place!

Ellen Guerrant said...

Yup! Girlfriend, you've been in my studio. Finding it is going to be a challenge.:D