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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm Still Here

My son Matthew, his wonderful wife Suzie, and their dog Darby. 
Today's 72 degrees reminded me of last July's week at the OBX for Matthew's 30th BD.  Here he's getting ready to kayak to the Pamlico.

Photo Credits:  Bill Guerrant

Thanks to all my loyal readers who keep returning, even though I've posted nothing new.  A family member has been in the hospital and is currently undergoing tests.  We're expecting nothing but a positive outcome!

I have completed the hand-embroidery on one piece and am in the process of making notebooks for an order.  I'm also putting my first Power Point presentation together. Yes, little ole me!  And walking, doing lots of walking.  It helps me stay grounded and never hurts to burn more calories.   

Hope everyone is being productive, creative and staying well. 

Watch for photos soon!

Ellen. xoxox


vivian said...

Great pic-Darby is huge!! We've had a couple nice days here in SC -finally got outside!

Sapphire Dakini said...

Wow! That's a really big dog! Irish Wolfhound?

Ellen Guerrant said...

Darby is a great Dane. Not so big - only 112 pounds. :D

O'Quilts said...

That is very nice. I am almost finished with one very similar..funny...so of course I like it!