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Friday, December 11, 2009

Sweetheart of a Find

This lovely cotton and silk jacket is embellished with 134 buttons!

This may be TMI, but as a woman on lasix, I've learned the locations of every public bathroom in my favorite thrift shops area. And I know the places where I can work my way in just by looking desperate.

I've been drinking a lot of green tea lately, so became just that - desperate - on a recent thrifting jaunt. As I scurried to the johnny in a thrift "outlet" where clothing is sold by the pound, I glanced around quickly at the huge bins. Filled to overflowing, they held everything from tee-shirts to formals.

Once relieved, I returned to the bin where a blouse with pretty buttons had caught my eye. When I lifted it, a once-buried pale yellow silk and cotton jacket caught my eye. It was covered in buttons! Heart buttons, both small and large. Buttons used to make flowers, buttons accenting leaves. I was mesmerized, clutching it to my heart as I headed for checkout.

The woman next to me in line asked, "Girl, how did you dig for that?" I didn't have the heart to tell her I was buying it just for the buttons. And I don't think she really bought my story about just needing to use the bathroom.

Detail of the beautifully placed heart buttons.
There are even more on the cuffs.

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