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Monday, October 5, 2009

Today's Task

I grew up sprinkling clothes with one of these. I found the old sprinkler top at a yard sale and attached it to a NEHI Orange bottle.

The first batch.

Batch two. Oh My!

Dyeing fabric is extremely labor intensive. Once the cloth been washed three times it must be ironed. I'd meant to get these out of the dryer while still damp, but didn't. Now the task of sprinkling must be added. It takes a long time to sprinkle this much fabric!

I still have one of the old sprinkler bottles like we used when I was growing up. I also have a wringer washing machine and a mangle (which I'd be using if there weren't so many things piled in front of it.) I wish one of us four girls had kept Mother's, as it was in mint condition. Oh, the things we let slip out of our lives.


Mark Lipinski said...

I grew up with a water-filled pop bottle with a sprinkler top, too! I remember my mom and grandmother soaking the laundry --- I remember them rolling up the clothes, putting them in a big plastic bag and putting it in the fridge! Hmmm. Wonder what that was all about? xoxom


Ellen Guerrant said...

Hi Mark - Mother put our ironing in the fridge in a plastic bag too - I think to protect it from mildew and funky odors in case my sisters and I didn't get it done right away.


Deb said...

Please take some pictures of the fabric after it's all ironed out and ready for sale! It looks great!

Ellen Guerrant said...

Thanks, Debby. I kept thinking about how much fun Patty and I had with you. That was the coolest day.

I'll try to get some shots outside tomorrow. Not sure how long I can go without replacing my bigger Canon. The mini one just isn't the same.

phatkat said...

Hi Ellen, I remember using a sprinkler. Ours was also a Nehi bottle. It's funny trying to explain to younger ones about the process... "you mean you dry the clothes and then wet them again!?" I still have several old irons (you may have noticed them when you were here for the reunion) and a working wringer washer in the basement. Ahhh, the good old days.

PWP said...

Your barn location was full of eye candy.
So nice to see you and Bill looking so hearty and healthy.
Can't believe you found a sprinkler cap and bottle it fits.

I, too, had sprinkled clothes in the Fridgedaire, as instructed to do so by my grandmother, Myrtle Lee Weaver.

Best wishes to ya'll