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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The One That Got Away!

The monster named IT!
Check the racks and cool walls.

We're down-sizing. Call it culling. Trying to be ruthless. That said, I got a little crazy Tuesday when I once again stumbled over a monster "thing" that had been sitting in our garage for more than 30 years. "It's a dehydrator," my DH had said as he rolled it up our driveway. "We can do fruit in it!" I was a tad excited, as that was in our hippie/Foxfire days. 1973 - when we drove a VW bus and wore each other's jeans. (Bill has lost a lot of weight since then. -)) Besides, we'd just been to Charleston where we'd eaten the divine delicacy Peach Leather. You get the picture.

We still have our Foxfire books and the VW bus was sold to the kid next door. But IT the monster had to go. I thought IT just looked heavy. As it turns out, IT weighed at least 100 pounds. Both of us struggled to get it onto a flimsy hand-truck before my DH took the extra precaution of tying it down. When placed on the curb, IT attracted a lot of attention. Our neighbor David thought it was a safe and asked, "Where did you get the damn thing?"

I'd asked my DH to photograph IT, but hadn't looked at the pix. Later that night, I wondered aloud if I could get the name plate off the door, 'cuz I like that kind of stuff, "No" said my DH. "It is riveted on." "Well what if I just take the door off?" "No!" I was plotting by that time. "Are the racks cool? I wonder if they could be used for surface design?" "No. They're just plain old racks. Besides, the idea is to get rid of stuff, not haul it back in." That statement should have been my biggest clue.

My plan was to go outside after my DH was in bed and check the "plain old racks" for myself. But it was chilly and misty and I was already in my nightie. By the next morning, IT was gone!

Go with your gut, folks. Don't stay inside in your nightie. But if you see IT sitting on someone else's curb, grab the racks! Then try to get the polka dot panels off!

These classics remain in our collection:


Grace said...

Ellen this is a funny account...sorry you lost a great surface design tool though.

lesson to learn...go out in the darned nightie and take back what you need, right?

yarngoddess said...

We have the Foxfire books which I why I always call that browser by the wrong name...

One-up-man-ship: We have the Mother Earth News Magazine from day one up until they went slick paper and color photographs. We lost interest then and quit subscribing. I was gonna eBay them expecting to make enough to retire on... but my husband insists he is gonna need all that information when he retires, which he is never going to do, really.


Deb said...

Your story is too funny! I wonder what Patti would have said if she'd been visiting? Yes, those racks would have been great surface design material! And the handle would have been nice to keep and then attach to a cabinet or something. Um... sounds like you should have just kept the whole thing...oh no, that's not getting you ahywhere! Oh well, maybe the person who took it is a fiber artist too! Or a hippie that will be enjoying dried fruit really soon!

Patty Cramer said...

Girl - That is a hoot. You should have that entire garage cleaned out. If you haven't used it in 30 years - get RID OF IT!!!! I'm doing the same!!
Actually, I did think it was cool looking. Probably some abestos or something - so better it's gone. I just love that your answer to decluttering is "just curb it". I want to do a video of the folks sneaking up and trying to load things in their cars. Maybe a huge flood light that comes on or something. Stop, Smile - You're being videotaped for a documentary!!

Later Dahlin!