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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Christmas in October

Cal Sargent Memorial Tree

Several years ago, my DH's family made a grand decision. We would have the big family holiday gathering in October! No dragging the kids from their toys Christmas morning; no traveling. Besides, we no longer had enough plates or chairs!

We rotate (my DH, his brother and sister) so each is responsible for the party every third year. Nearly everyone sails, so the natural spot was the Catawba Yacht Club, where my husband's family has been members since before he was born. It's practically where they grew up, where they learned about all things nautical and learned to fish. It is perfect - large enough to hold the clan (whose numbers approach 30) and no one has to clean their house! It's potluck and very casual. We usually have great BBQ or fried chicken as the entree.

If the weather is warm, those with boats take everyone sailing. Yesterday was chilly, so the boys fished while we big kids watched and stayed near the fireplace. It's wonderful to catch up and see how much the kids have grown. We're fortunate that most of the family lives in the Charlotte area except for four in the mountains and four in Atlanta.

Thought I'd share a few shots from our celebration:

Almost All of Us
Photo credit: Bill Guerrant




Few things make a boy happier than fishing - except having a dog.

The Beast.

Below, my DH and his sister try to get the oven (The Beast) to heat. After they'd given up, I took a peek and said, "Look guys, it has to boot up like a computer." Was I right? Well, the asparagus casserole was deliciously hot!

Two great minds at work.

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