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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oh No! and Oh Yes!

Blindsided by Disaster, Twenty Years After Hurricane Hugo runs through Dec. 6 at the Levine Museum of the New South in uptown Charlotte. Beth Resler Walters, along with Red Cross volunteers, put together a pictorial reminder of the destruction through photographs donated by The Charlotte Observer. The Red Cross also stressed the importance of planning and preparedness for any disaster. I was honored to have a super graphic of my quilt (created by TPM Graphics) as the last image of the show.

My quilt 'Hurricane Warning' at the Levine Museum of the New South.

Its colors worked perfectly with those of the exhibit.

The Charlotte Observer donated photographs taken in the days and weeks following the storm. Amazingly, we had mail delivery through all this!

ICE became the most sought-after item after Hugo, as evidenced by the long lines.

The opening reception was lovely and emotional. As the creator of Hurricane Warning, I was asked to speak along with the Mayor of Charlotte, the CEO of the Red Cross and Karen Geiger. Karen was trapped and severely injured when a tree fell on her home during Hugo. It was wonderful to see her looking so well.

Sept. 30: My beloved Canon Powershot has died! It started sounding weird Sunday, vibrating when the zoom operated. I took a few shots Tuesday night at the show opening (above) and then everything stopped. The lens is in a precarious, half-way out position. This means no pictures - and I take photos several times a week! Maybe someone can figure out what's wrong. Let's hope it was "operator error." I hate to replace a $600. camera that's less than four years old!

October 3: Up early to walk across the street to a neighbor's yard sale. There I spied a Canon Powershot with more megapixels than my old one. It has macro and is the size of a deck of cards! Brand new, it was still in the box. Our neighbor had received it in an executive gift pack from a client so the price was right. Besides, my DH paid for it! Yeah!


Patty Cramer said...

Hey Girl, Maybe your camera needs new batteries, did you try that?

I got my Halloween quilt all together and will try and baste it tomorrow at the quilt shop.

She's asked me to work - but I don't think pay is involved, so I don't think I'll be able to do that. I have to do my sales job to make money as I'm going to Oregon and then to Nevada. So, I can't get there.

Quilt looks great in the exhibit!!


Ellen Guerrant said...

Thanks! Wish it were as simple as new batteries. Something inside the camera - complicated and expensive. My mini Canon just doesn't have the lens quality I need. So....I'll have the experts in the family make a recommendation.