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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Salt Water Taffy

Only fabrics I'd hand-dyed were used in this piece -
inspired by traditional log cabin quilts.

Salt Water Taffy
Thus named because of its colors.

I haven't been able to work on this piece for months. I made it a while ago but couldn't decide how to finish it. I've quilted many quilts with embroidery floss and always matched the floss color to the fabric, as in Orange Slice, shown below. This time, I decided to shake it up a bit.

After a few days' rest (I won't bore you with the details of carpal tunnel and trigger thumb) I hope to quilt the border with turquoise floss only.

Many of my quilts are named for food (Mint Frappe' with Tutti Frutti Sprinkles, Shrimp Creole, Salt Water Taffy, Toast with Jam, Orange Slice, Blue Plate Special, Cracker Jax) or song titles (Twist and Shout, Hot Stuff, Little Pink Houses, Hold on My Heart....Throw Me a Lifeline, We Fix Broken Hearts, His Eye is on the Sparrow) which will surprise no one who knows me. Both food and music are great loves of mine.

Note: For this type of quilting use two strands of six-strand DMC embroidery floss and a crewel needle - very sharp with a large eye.

Orange Slice (detail)
Hand-dyed and commercial fabrics, Thai silk.

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