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Monday, August 31, 2009

Rust in the Third Dimension

Altoid Tin

This piece has developed a rusted patina naturally. It was found on the street in NoDa, one of Charlotte's funkiest arts areas.

I've wanted to take my work in a new direction for a long time, to work more abstractly and three-dimensionally with salvaged materials. I've been collecting and finally have a good stash from which to choose.

I grew up with parents who saved and reused everything, so have had to get used to stares from folks who think it's strange that I gather items from the street. But I've adjusted to my dh saying (as I peruse our kitchen garbage can), "Will you please stop going through the trash!"

The first photo is of a rusted Altoid tin. Using Claudine Hellmuth's instructions from her book Collage Discovery Workshop claudinehellmuth.blogspot.com/ I immersed the new tin in equal amounts of chlorine bleach and cider vinegar I'd mixed in an old container. Hours later, nothing had happened. Once I removed the tin, I saw it had a lacquer coating. Sanding it allowed the bleach and vinegar to work their magic.

I was working outside and allowed the concoction to cook for two or three days. I really like the results but to preserve the look I'll spray it with a matte finish lacquer

Tentative plans are for a vertical composition. I'll keep you posted as it develops.

Important Note: Work outdoors with proper ventilation. Do NOT attempt this inside.


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