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Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Direction for My Work

I found this adorable photo in an antiques shop.
On the back is the name "Ina"

For some time, I've wanted to take my work in another direction. I want to incorporate digital images, photographs, found objects, collage, etc. with my hand-dyed fabrics and collected ephemera. In order to do so, I'll need a printer with waterproof inks.

Researching printers is like taking an entire fabric stash to a workshop: there are just too many choices! But a little reading has narrowed those considerably simply by eliminating anything which does not use the kind of ink I need. For HP, I'll need Vivera pigment ink; for Epson, I'll need Durabrite or Ultrachrome. Now to make a decision on whether or not I'd ever use a wide-format printer!


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I had to have a wide format printer and I have never sued the wide format nor the 44" maximum length.

Ellen Guerrant said...

Thanks, Kay. I've just about decided not to get the wide format - at least not until (if) I ever get into it big time.


Deb said...

Please let us know what you finally decide upon! I too have been looking at getting a printer,to use for printing on fabric, but I've been dragging my feet for two years now. I'm always interested to learn what people use for that! So keep us posted!

Ellen Guerrant said...

Hey Debbie - I think we need to go shopping together again. You know how that last one turned out. I'm still smiling.:)) Seriously, I'll keep you posted.

Rhoda said...

Dharma has a product, Bubble Jet Set 2000, that you soak your fabric in and then use any printer and the ink is permanent.