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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Friendship and Memory Gardens

We were treated to two moonplant blossoms late today.

Our latest friendship plant is this moonplant. The beautiful blossoms are at least 6" across.

Many of the flowers in our yard were started from cuttings or seeds from friends. Beautiful red amarylis, pulmonaria, toad lily, wild columbine, angel's trumpet, iris and a jack-in-the-pulpit my father dug for me from a wooded spot on his and Mother's farm next to the Jack's Fork River in MO. Each time these plants bloom, I'm reminded of the friend who shared them. Or remember the person long departed.

Our newest addition came from Kim and David across the street. A tiny little plant with two leaves was delivered this spring and kept inside until the soil warmed. Having been advised "It'll need a place to climb," my dh planted it at the base of an ancient wooden hand truck I'd drug home from the thrift store ages ago. I'd loved the wood and the rust and thought it would be a nice scuptural accent in our garden. My dh - not so much. But it makes a wonderful trellis for the beautiful moonplant.

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