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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cool Graphics

Boxes of Caldo Sabor a Pollo at the Atlantic Farmers Market
are design inspiration!

I'm getting very grumpy. After a long stretch of not being able to grasp anything because of trigger thumbs/fingers as well as carpal tunnel, I'm going a little batty! I can't sew, I can't use a rotary cutter, I can't hold a pen, I can barely lift a glass and definitely cannot hold a needle. All you stitchers out there who've had similar problems know - this is the pits!

Clinging to a semblance of sanity until I can have surgery, I've been doing a lot of creative thinking. Designs are dancing in my head if not on paper. I have an idea for a series of quilts based on a singular theme sparked by something I saw on a tee-shirt. The title came to me instantly, and then another and another and another.

In many cases, the titles for my quilts have come far ahead of the quilts themselves. Many are song titles. Amazing where ideas come from, isn't it?

I tagged along with my dh recently to the Atlantic Farmers Market, an ethnic grocery store located where a Winn Dixie once stood. DH of course was seeking exotic fruits and vegetables; I was fascinated by the colorful designs everywhere. Below are a few:

Bimbo Snacks
For moi? No No!
SunLee Jasmine Rice

Dry Cocoanut

Red Elephant Brand Rice
Asian Best

Love these condensed milk labels!

Inspiration abounds inside this humble looking store.
Great produce too!

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