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Friday, June 19, 2009

Surprise Visit

My DH Bill and Matthew
Matthew with me.

Our son Matthew was off today so decided to spend it with us in Charlotte for an early Father's Day visit. As always, we had a great time eating Vietnamese food at Lang Van and then looking at old photos.

We'll be going to The Outer Banks with Matthew and Suzie, other family members and friends later this summer for Matthew's 30th birthday. I can't wait!


Deb said...

Oh my goodness! Lang Van, that restaurant was started by my Mother's very good friends who she met when they first came to Charlotte and she taught them English. I think No's family now owns the place, I can't remember. Hope it's still as good as it use to be when they owned the place. They moved to California and aren't even in the restaurant business anymore.

Ellen Guerrant said...

What? That's incredible. We absolutely love the place - and the people. It's our favorite restaurant and we've been going there for many years. Small world, isn't it?
I have wallpaper trays and fabric for you. Let me know next time you're going to Janet's or a guild meeting and we'll try to get together. We'll have house guests from 6/28 - 7/5 so I'll miss guild. Say hey to Don.

Ellen Guerrant said...

Debby - What's your blog addy?