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Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Love of Birds

This nest contains tiny strips from a torn blue tarp. It was found on the lawn at my sister's IL home.

It's a little thing to some, but I love birds. I love watching them, listening to them and especially finding a nest. When we were in IL last month, I desperately searched for red-winged blackbirds - most often seen sitting on metal fence posts along the fields. My dh saw several, but I couldn't see that far!

There were other sweet rewards tho. Like barn swallows seen swooping and flying all around my sister's porch. I managed to get one clear shot, but the beautiful swallowtail is barely visible.

This lovely barn swallow - seen here gathering nesting materials.

My sister and brother-in-law are blessed with five grandchildren who love coming out to the farm. On an afternoon of exploring, we discovered birds nesting in very unusual places!

The engine compartment of an old Ford tractor held five little black birds with bright yellow beaks. We had to climb up on the tire in order to see them snuggled together.

Photo credit: Olivia Powell, age 6

Lisa holds Addison for a quick look.

After my sister commented about finding a nest on top of their propane tank one year, we all had to investigate. And sure enough, the birds had chosen the same location once more.

I never realized robins nests were so big. This one is at least 12" across, filling the cover of the gas tank when closed. The robins have a safe, dry refuge.

Five robin's eggs.

On the homefront, we're really excited. Our bluebirds are back, having built a new nest in the bluebird box. They have been very, very busy. If we can get pictures this time, I'll be sure to post them. No eggs yet, but we're watching.

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