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Friday, June 12, 2009


I've been away from art for nearly two months and it doesn't feel good. I'm distracted. Not the kind of distraction we get by beginning to do one task and then finding ourselves doing another. I am in the midst of planned distraction - things I just have to get off my plate before I can move on. I liken it to doing prep work on a room before it can be painted. Unfortunately, I've had to give these things a higher priority than making art.

But all is not lost. As I work, I'm planning art in my mind. My work will go in a new direction, employing much more of my own hand-dyed and surface designed fabrics as well as digital imagery. I know what I want to do next but absolutely must get things in order before I begin.

In the meantime, I'll share a quilt or two you may not have seen.

Hurricane Warning
40" x 60" 2003
Permanent Collection of The Concourse Gallery, Upper Arlington OH

Hurricane Warning was created for the juried show Vantage Point-South, The Art Quilt at the Page-Walker in Cary NC, where it was chosen as the publicity quilt for the poster and postcard. It was also in The Art of the Quilt, an invitational exhibition in Martinsville VA. It was purchased for the permanent collection of The Concourse Gallery while on exhibit with other members' work from The Art Quilt Network.

Very unlike my other work, Hurricane Warning is one of those quilts which just happened. It came together very quickly - just one week from conception to completion. The graphic beauty of hurricane warning flags really struck me the first time I saw them. The image stayed in my head for a long time and finally appeared in this piece.


ann said...

Fabulous piece of art. Congratulations on the sale

Pamela Price Klebaum said...

I love the movement in this quilt. The buyers have excellent taste in art!