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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Still More Sister Fun

Boo hoo. Patty left this morning after two weeks of great fun. Here is some of what we did while she was here:

Patty, Debby, Ellen

Dyeing day at Lake Norman with Debby Harwell, a fellow guild member. Not only was it a beautiful spot - Debby's husband Don (a prize-winning competitive barbecuer) smoked a pork butt 12 hours for us, creating a divine lunch served with great style on the pier!

Debby and Patty met last summer while studying for two weeks with master dyer Carol Soderlund in Ohio. They approach the process scientifically. I preferred my serendipitous method until seeing their results. Wow!

Two of Patty's resist pieces:

Patty's hand-dyed silk scarf.

My sister has a great sense of color coupled with a 'take no prisoners' attitude!

These pieces are mine:

I used my favorite purples and blues for my scarf.

I don't often work with green, but.............

The color even worked its way into this mostly fuchsia piece:

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