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Friday, May 8, 2009


Seagrove NC, just east of Asheboro, is home to more than 100 potteries. The area's clay is perfect for throwing. We spent a wonderful day there recently.

My SIL Mary Moon packed a delicious lunch, as there are no restaurants nearby. Except for a few in the tiny town of Seagrove, the individual potteries cover a wide area, making driving a necessity. We began at the NC Pottery Center to see the styles of potters. From there we listed the ones we most wanted to visit.

Mary Moon recommended Turn and Burn where we found potter David Garner (shown above)at work. Here are some photos from that day.

Regina VonCannon's Pottery Junction was my favorite. Housed in the original old East Side Gro.building once belonging to her husband's grandfather, it was like stepping back into another time. I'm a huge fan of old stuff so this was heaven for me.

I was happy to find a beautiful bowl by Regina containing the unusual colors in our home. She was kind enough to pose with her piece.

My beautiful bowl.

More of my Seagrove pottery.

For more images of Seagrove, click on my slideshow in the right sidebar.

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