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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Prairie Sunsets

Only wind and the squeaking of windmill blades broke the silence as my sister Sue and I captured this scene.

Views on the wide-open prairie are like those from the Sears Tower, only from the ground. I shot this sunset while on the way to my nephew's home in Ogden.

This one was taken on another evening just after the sun set.

Living in a city known for its tree canopy, we see only portions of sunsets. I took advantage of the open vantage points on our recent trip home to Illinois to capture these images.


Linda Laird said...

Dear Ellen,
You are a lucky person to have been born in the land where you belong, that speaks to you.
I have the same feeling about the Southwest: mountains, desert, and ocean. Your sunset photos on the open Plains were like a sunset over the Pacific. The same open sky, and the same low, flat horizon.

Thanks for sharing the beauty,
Linda Laird
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Ellen Guerrant said...

Thank you so much, Linda. I love the wide expanse of the Prairie.