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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Art Inspiration from Veedersburg

The older I get, the more I realize how much growing up on a farm in the heartland has, and continues to influence me. From dozens of photos shot last week in Indiana and my home state of Illinois, these are my favorites. I'm not into glitz or bling of any kind. What speaks to my heart are things which have stood the test of time; very old structures which still stand strong. Here are a few.

Grain elevators are iconic images in the midwest.

We found this one in Veedersburg, Indiana.

I was drawn to the old Veedersburg Cooperative Services, an old co-op feed mill where most of these photos were shot.

My favorite image.

Rust speaks to me.

I love the 'voice' of peeling paint.

The feed mill bricks were made in Veedersburg.

Many years of dripping rusty water resulted in the amazing colors on this wood.

I've been wanting to delve into more collage and photo imagery. Undoubtedly the time-worn feel of things just seen will influence my work.


Anonymous said...

love love love your photos

The Quilted Librarian said...

Hey Ellen,
I really enjoyed these photos, We lived nearby in Crawfordsville for 29 years before moving back to Greensboro. Did you see the WPA murals at the post office?
Dana Fisher

Ellen Guerrant said...

Vaughan - Thanks! I love finding a treasure trove like Veedersburg.

Ellen Guerrant said...

Dana - Our stop in Veedersburg was on a whim so we didn't know about the WPA murals. Maybe next time.........
BTW - We've probably met as I've been to your guild a few times.