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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oh Yeah!!!!

Three years ago bluebirds nested in this house on our desk, leaving the babies vulnerable.

We have bluebirds in the regulation bluebird house my DH installed three years ago! Our first hatchlings had met a tragic end as the parents had chosen a funky decorative house on our deck. I'd seen four open-mouthed chirping babies inside, but was heartbroken the next morning to find the house ravaged. We've educated ourselves since that sad day, becoming members of the Bluebird Society. We're very optimistic about this year's offspring.

During the night a predator knocked our new birdhouse to the ground, smashing it. I'm really upset. Its blue color matched our doors perfectly. Besides, I'd never seen a house like it. I'm just thankful it wasn't full of baby birds.

Note: You can see the regulation bluebird box at the back fence. Look just under the blue sphere. The photo is clickable.

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Priscilla said...

Raccoons, maybe. You poor things.