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Monday, April 13, 2009


At long last, our son Matthew and his bride Suzie have their wedding quilt, delivered to them in Greensboro Saturday.

I included fabrics depicting things which were special to the kids. Not to be found was kayak fabric. I'd looked everywhere and nearly given up when my sister made an amazing find. The kayak is red - just like Matthew's! How cool is that? Wanting to use it in one of the corner blocks, I tucked it away...so far away that I couldn't find it until long after the quilt had been completed.

But I just had to use the fabric! So I stitched an envelope to hold a very personal letter I had written - along with care instructions. It was perfect.

The very special kayak fabric my sister Patty found in California.

Below are a few pix my DH snapped of the unveiling.

Matthew's expression when he looks at Suzie is wonderful.

On the coffee table are their Easter basket goodies for this year: a favorite wine (Black Mountain Pinot Noir) and green bean snacks from Trader Joe's.
I bought the last tulips available in Suzie's favorite color - orange.

The kids examine the kayak fabric closely.

Out of the bag at last!

Intently reading the label

First look.

And another.
Matthew's drawings can be partially seen on the back wall.

The kids' expressions and that smile on Suzie's face made this all worthwhile!

Matthew examines a block.

Here I am with Matthew and Suzie. We girls didn't coordinate our wardrobes, really we didn't.

Photo credit: Bill Guerrant

Note to those wondering about the pattern: The basic NY Beauty block is a variation of one by Karen Kay Buckley from a class long ago. I drafted the border blocks - inspired by a photo I'd seen somewhere - I think in a French or Australian magazine. The blue and orange had to be added as those are the kids' two favorite colors.


ann said...

This is a FANTASTIC quilt. Love the colors, design and admire all of your hard work. Jealous because your daughter really appreciates it. I can tell from the photos that it will be treasured. My daughter just got married. Offered to make her a quilt. She would rather have money. I think your daughter has better values.
Wishing you JOY on your journey, ann

norma said...

What a wonderful quilt! The colors are incredible and how great is it that they just loved it?

Connie said...

It is beautiful! I love the colors. They are sure to cherish it for years to come. It took me 4 years to get my daughter's college graduation quilt done. Congratulations to you and the lucky couple.

Lynda Thompson said...

Beautiful quilt... I love the borders too, haven't seen that used with that design before.

Carole said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!
One word describes it!
Ellen, a labour of love, to be sure..
I bought that pattern from Karen Stone.. in person... about 10 years ago. Several times I have pulled the fabric to make it, still haven't. Man, I am glad you did!! And using fav fabric elements to personalize.. qudos!!
So fantastic they appreciate it.

Sandi said...

Ellen, This is a quilt that will become an hierloom, it is so beautiful. When we create we put a little of yourselves into our pieces; you but your heart, soul and mother's wishes and it shows. Well done

Susan Brubaker Knapp said...

Oooh la la! Love that quilt! It is so happy.

Fulvia Luciano, artist said...

Terrific on all counts. Thanks for sharing this.

Martha said...

Ellen, congratulations on the stunning quilt! And I am so happy to read that Matthew's heart is doing well. I took my first "art quilt" class from you at Gulf States in Baton Rouge soon after his successful surgery and I remember his heart quilt, so I love to keep up. Lucky you to gain this wonderful daughter-in-law.
Martha Ginn

pcoxdesign said...

What a beautiful gift! The colors are wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

Jill said...

What a gorgeous quilt! And your idea of how to use the kayak fabric was really clever.

Sarah Ann Smith said...

If someone gave me a quilt that lovely, I'd be smiling that big too!!! It is gorgeous....lucky them! And lucky you to have them,
Cheers, Sarah

Cathy ~o said...

That is a BEAUTIFUL quilt, and how clever of you to make the envelope from the kayak material! You can tell that they love it and I am sure it will become a family treasure :-)
BTW,,blue and orange is my favorite color combo too :-)