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Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dear Sister

Ellen and Patty
This was the last time we were together, two years ago in Columbus OH.

Today is my baby sister's birthday, and it's one of the "big" ones. I'll never forget the day of her birth. I was in kindergarten and remember my father coming to the door of our little two room schoolhouse to convey the news. My teacher rushed to me and said, "You have a baby sister! Isn't that wonderful?"

My two sisters and I had not known to expect a baby. Back in the day, such things were not discussed openly in front of children. We learned years later that Mother almost did not make it to the hospital, as she refused to leave the house until her girls had gotten on the school bus. She'd worried we would be frightened.

Patty is coming from California to visit in less than a month. I cannot wait, as we haven't seen each other in two years. I've warned my dh who knows to expect lots of laughter and mischief making.

Patty has always been my biggest fan, pushing me to reach ever higher while providing inspiration and enthusiasm with her "You go girl" attitude.

There have been great challenges for my baby sister over the years. But each has been met with courage, grit and determination. She has used her superior people skills, brains and tremendous gifts to make quite a life for herself. I am very proud of her and know that she will always be there for me - no matter what.

Happy, happy birthday, baby sister of mine. We will see you soon!

Patty casts a line while fishing along the Jacks Fork River
near Willow Springs MO.
She was always the jock of the family.

Here she heads home with her catch.

Black and white photo credit: Sharon vonOhlen Taylor

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