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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

To Quiltart Members

Any quiltart listers out there? Contact me if you have sign-on information. My hotmail account, containing most of my business-related info, has suddenly evaporated - only to be replaced by something called live.com Even typing the hotmail URL brings up live.com. Very puzzling indeed. This is supposed to be an improvement! Lost are hundreds of emails, folders of family photos received and letters sent.

Also lost is all contact with the quiltart list. I desperately want to reestablish my account, but to no avail. Nothing sent to my hotmail account since last Friday or Saturday has gotten to me. I so hope someone from the list will post my new email plus a request for me to once again receive quiltart in the digest form. Thanks so much! Send mail to: ellenguerrant@gmail.com


Sue Reno said...

Ellen, just go to quiltart.com , click on "subscribe" at the left under the header, and follow the instructions to subscribe anew with your gmail account.

Ellen Guerrant said...

Thanks, Sue. My brain began to function this morning after strong coffee and I did just that - set up a subscription for my gmail account. I didn't know I'd miss getting the daily digests so much.
Thanks again!