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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The 'Big' Snow

Daffodils in snow.

I didn't know of it until I stepped outside at 6:50 a.m. But there it was - no doubting the white stuff. It was snow!

Snow is a really big deal in Charlotte. The mere mention of the possibility of snow in the forecast causes a run on the grocery store. Every supermarket is jammed with panic-stricken people laying in supplies for "the big one." In an hour, every loaf of bread and gallon of milk has been sold.

When I got to cardiac rehab this morning, I saw that the parking lot was nearly empty. Uh oh, I thought. Maybe class has been canceled. There were only six people in the 6:45 class; about the same in my class at 7:20. Conspicuously absent? The fellows from Buffalo and Michigan.

Schools were closed as were many businesses. Our quilt guild meeting tonight was canceled although after a day of bright sunshine, there is not one flake to be seen this evening. As a former midwesterner, I still haven't gotten used to this.

Here are a couple of pix of our big snow.

Snow against our neighbor's fence.

Snow on a deck table.


Patty Cramer said...

What a hoot that Charlotte thinks twenty snowflakes constitutes closing schools. My friend is in Arkansas with no power and they anticipate three weeks without power - now that's a real reason for closing something.
I can see us all in the sleigh having fun!!
Hugs My wonderful Sistah!!

Joyce said...

Sorry for smiling but after over a month of -40 and several feet of snow, it's funny to see that much snow closing everything down!