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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Things Erased

In yesterday's post I wrote about having a clean slate. Before beginning anew, it's nice to look back at what has been accomplished. Here are a few of the things erased from my 2008 slate.

1. Completed my Mother's queen-size quilt.
2. Finished my son and DIL's wedding quilt.
3. Had my studio painted.
4. Finally bought a Horn sewing cabinet.
5. Designed and had built a new cutting table.
6. Was the featured artist at Barnful of Quilts.
7. Had work in two gallery shows.
8. Like my great-grandfather and grandmother, continued keeping a diary - and in the same type of book.
7. Wrote more letters.
8. Tried to be a kinder person.
9. Made 181 blog entries.
10. Disposed of several car loads of 'stuff' from the house.
11. Got rid of nearly half of my cookbook collection.
12. Donated a many years' collection of quilting magazines.
13. Culled my fabric stash, giving boxes of it to charity.
14. Got rid of my old sewing patterns.
15. Scanned and copied to CDs dozens of old family photographs.
16. Began eating right following two heart attacks.
17. Completed 12 weeks of cardiac rehab and
18. Chose to continue the program.
19. Lost 20 pounds!
20. Following an intervention by my DIL - updated my look by getting new Ralph Lauren specs!
21. Changed my hair color.
22. Established a new perennial bed in our garden.
23. Worked very hard to get Barack Obama elected! Yeah!!!
24. Donated supplies to a high school art teacher.


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

You had a very successful year.
I know how great it feels to lighten the load of "stuff".
But of course the most important thing is surviving the heart problems and becoming stronger,.

Ellen Guerrant said...

Thanks, Kay. You are so right!