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Friday, January 16, 2009

Civil War Fabrics

The Civil War Diary Quilt
by Rosemary Youngs

Civil War reproduction fabrics.

More reproduction Civil War fabrics.

My sister Patty is lucky to be in a very active quilt group in CA. Their current project? Civil War quilts. Using Rosemary Youngs' book, The Civil War Diary Quilt, each quilter will make a block for each participant as well as herself. Some have chosen two or three different six-inch blocks. That's a lot of blocks and eventually a lot of fabric. Since there are nine participants, Patty will make nine of each of the blocks she's chosen.

Patty is using reproduction Civil War fabrics for her blocks. I'm sending several quarter-yard pieces of Judie Rothermel (for Marcus Brothers) designs from my stash to California so that my sister can use them. I'd purchased them seven or eight years ago so they are completely different from the ones Patty had. Hopefully she'll have fun with this expanded palette!

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