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Friday, December 26, 2008

Treasured Friends

Ann and Jeannine enjoy moist, hot towels after Christmas dinner.

Instead of being empty nesters yesterday, we were joined by two long-time friends. It was an absolute delight to have them here. Hours of great conversation, laughs and old stories filled our evening.

Sometime during dinner, talk turned to W. C. Fields, fingerbowls and hot towels after dining. In a moment of spontaneity, I had fun preparing the latter for Ann and Jeannine. It really is a lovely tradition even if I didn't dip the cloths in lemon water before heating them!

As Ann plans a trip to Ukraine in the next year, my DH decided to introduce her (and the rest of us) to part of its culture - primarily unending toasts followed by shots of very strong vodka. Out came a bottle he'd been given on his last visit there. Yowza!!! We were all introduced to hot red pepper Ukrainian vodka. Double yowza!!!!! Not for the faint of heart, it is definitely an acquired taste.

Hot pepper Ukrainian vodka.

A close-up of Cyrilic on the label.

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