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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New York Beauty Quilt - Second Try

In spite of the very best intentions, the long-arm quilter to whom I'd taken the New York Beauty quilt was unable to do the work. She's dealing with the recent loss of her son who died just over three months ago. It was impossible for her to take on such a major project at this time. I can't imagine such sorrow and my heart goes out to her.

I contacted an Amish quilter my youngest sister had met and used. Sylvia Petersheim agreed to hand-quilt the piece for me. I spent a couple of days working out the quilting design before shipping everything to Bird-In-Hand PA. (Actually, my DH was kind enough to do this for me.) The motifs I drew were inspired by research done on the internet, as I'd donated all my quilting design books during my recent studio purge - thinking I'd never use them again. Well, who knew?
Thursday note: My sister tells me Mrs. Petersheim is Mennonite. But I think her quilters are Amish.

A Superior Threads King Tut variegated thread from Sue Nickels will be used for the quilting; the batt will be a soft bamboo and cotton. Both products are new to this group of Amish quilters. I'm so hoping they'll enjoy using them.

My great-grandmother, Flora Ellen Lewis Darnell, made this Double Wedding Ring quilt in the 1930's. It belongs to my sister Patty who had it hand-quilted by Sylvia Petersheim.

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Stephanie said...

I have a quilt done by Silvia. It's wonderful. I can't wait to see how yours turns out.