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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mighty Dog


Doesn't she look innocent? Film at 11.

Dec. 20: Numa has nearly recovered from her mighty dog adventure. Earlier this week while enjoying her afternoon in the sun, she was distracted by a cat. Following her natural instincts to rid her area of the creature, she took off running at a very fast pace. Slight problem: she was on a yard chain at the time. But nothing was going to stop her from her mission!!! At a whopping 50 pounds, she was able to snap the 100 pound collar, hurling ID and rabies tags everywhere. My DH found her in the neighbors back yard, barking loudly.

Numa cut the pad of her right rear paw. But with antibiotic creams and rest, it has healed well. And the lost tags? Found about 20 feet from where her collar lay.

Mighty dog is now wearing a much stronger collar guaranteed not to snap. I'm just a tad skeptical, as Numa can pull me off my feet if I'm not paying attention. And I'm considerably more than 100 pounds!

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