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Thursday, December 11, 2008


My late father-in-law gave me this old wooden bowl many years ago. My SIL tells me it was his very favorite salad bowl. Lined with protective plastic wrap, it made the perfect holder for evergreens and Nandina berries - a simple but lovely centerpiece.

Tom, Ellen, Mary Moon, Hugh, Betsey, Bill
The quilt in the wing chair was the first one my Mother ever made.
It was quilted by her grandmother between 1932 and 1935.

We had a great time last night while hosting a chili supper for my DH's brother Tom, sister Betsey and their spouses. It's such a blessing to have Bill's family right here. My family is all far away and I miss them terribly.

Conversation focused on what's new with the children and grand children. All are well and most live in Charlotte. When talk turned to Christmas we were stunned to learn all three families were thinking of not putting up a tree this year. Good grief! Will we really go through with it? Is this a trend, or is it unique to our family?

My DH makes divine chili! We serve it over rice with a choice of toppings: grated cheese, no fat sour cream, green onions, etc. Our next door neighbor, who turned us on to the rice and condiments idea, adds Fritos also. A large green salad, garlic bread and apple pie (I had just a taste) rounded out our meal. Yum! And I'm really glad I did not have to weigh in at cardiac rehab this morning!

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Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

The no tree is something that is running rampant among those of us "of a certain age"!
I used to always have 3 BIG trees - each unique.
Now I decorate one or more small trees and after Christmas I just put a plastic bag over them and store them already decorated.
I had planned on doing at least 5 in FL this year (2 already decorated from last year) but haven't made it down there yet. I don't think anyone wsnt to see my trees after the first of the year!