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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Studio Update

The studio is completely painted - walls, ceiling and trim! Yeah! Chip did a beautiful job, even returning to push bookcases back in place and reinstall hardware. It's so wonderful to have at least one room fresh and clean.

My sister was upset and tried very hard to convince me to paint the room a color instead of white. But I was adamant about having a totally neutral background against which to judge color. This will be an art quilt studio with color coming from my textiles.

I'm currently at a standstill as my Horn cabinet has not been delivered. It's in town, but the dealer is waiting for the acrylic insert to arrive. I want the largest piece of furniture to be in place before making final decisions on placement of anything else.

In the meantime, I'm sorting through boxes and boxes and boxes of things - deciding what I absolutely will need. I do not want the room to be crowded and/or cluttered. I'm finding that I don't want to mess up the newly painted walls either. But I must eventually have a bulletin board and a large design wall.

Ours is an old house built in 1926 with hardwood floors throughout. Before doing anything else (after a thorough vacuuming by Chip) I washed those in the studio and then applied two coats of wax. I love the shine! It makes my happy.

This is the wax I used. It does a nice job on old wood floors in need of refinishing. And it's the closest thing I've found to Glo-Coat, my favorite wax from the 1970s. Both it and the product above are Johnson products.

Unloading the bookcase gave me an excuse to cull the contents.
Selected works are being placed slowly.

I also emptied one area of my fabric shelves.

I purchased one more ClosetMaid drawer system at Lowe's.
We'll use a hollow core door for the top once final placement is determined.

I straightened the contents of each drawer, removing what was no longer needed. My hand-dyes are stored together.

I have a growing vintage fabric collection.
These are just a few of them.

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Patty Cramer said...

Wow - which sister was upset? Curious minds want to know. The floor is AWESOME!!! It's so shiny and beautiful!!

Can't wait for your cabinet to arrive. I went to the local store that is remodeling to see what they had on sale - no cabinets - just tons of fabric and stuff that was waiting for a loving home.

Enjoy your new found space - it's amazing just how much stuff we gather along the way!!

Love you!!