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Monday, November 3, 2008

Studio Revamp

I emptied the studio except for the fabric stash. Thankfully, the shelves were movable as is. An empty room always looks so much bigger than it actually is!

My cellotex bulletin board shown here was removed.

The wall behind the ladder is my design wall. Using adhesive velcro, I'll hang new flannel once the room is completed.

As you can see from the windows, these photos were taken on a very cold morning last week.

I'm taking advantage of this time between quilts to revamp my studio. I began about a year ago, but didn't get very far - mainly because I had SO MUCH STUFF in the room. Our nephew Chip, who'd come by to give me an estimate for painting, suggested very politely, "Aunt Ellen...........have you ever considered getting a pod?" A pod???? Moi????? That was in March.

Once I'd delivered the wedding quilt to Rebecca, I got serious about clearing the room - a process which took me six days! Everything came down from the walls. Boxes and boxes of things were gone through. A car full of fabric and art supplies went to an art teacher, others were taken to the thrift store. Tons of files and papers were put into recycling. Then I began moving furniture out, placing it across the hall in Matthew's old room. I did leave a path so that I can continue going through things this week while the studio is being painted.

You really can't appreciate how much stuff was removed from the room unless you see photographic evidence. Brace yourselves. Below are photos of the studio before it was cleared for painting.

My DH asked if I really needed to keep the desk, barely visible in this picture. "Yes" I replied. "It holds my stereo equipment!" The Spic 'n' Span bottle is proof that I once thought about cleaning.

I'd used a printer's type tray for thread.

Once every flat surface was covered, I had to use the floor for storage.

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Exuberant Color said...

I had to clean mine totally out 2 years ago when I had the kitchen and studio hardwood floors refinished so I know how much work it is. It feels so good to see the room empty though, and to be able to put it back together the way you really want it. Good luck on getting it all done.