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Monday, November 17, 2008

Quilter's Dream

Bill and Barry placed the cabinet between the two north windows.

I turned the unit to face the design wall. This will allow plenty of room for table extension and give me a chance to gaze out the window while sewing.

My beautiful new Horn sewing system arrived today! I am so excited about finally having a really good set-up. I'm glad I decided to get the storage drawers which fit perfectly under the cabinet. And I'm already wondering what took me so long!

Barry and Bill, from Creative Sewing and Vac in Charlotte not only brought the unit upstairs, but assembled and set it up for me. They even delivered my repaired Bernina 1530! BTW - I was told the bobbin case I was using was defective. The spring which is supposed to be on the inside was instead on the outside! What??? I'd noticed that the case was completely different from the original and tended to cut the thread, but thought it was a 'new and improved' version. Not. And of course the shop where I'd purchased it is no longer in business. There was also a burr on the needle hook. No wonder the stitch was of such poor quality.

My afternoon was spent at my allergist's and running errands for Thanksgiving. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get to play in my 'new' room!


Exuberant Color said...

You will love that cabinet! I have the Koala brand equivilent of it and don't know how I got along without it. I'm glad you are not facing the wall between the windows. You'll be way more creative facing the design wall.

Ellen Guerrant said...

Hi Wanda - Thanks for your comment. Yes - I know this arrangement will be better. I like my table facing the design wall and had it that way in the old set-up. Besides, if I faced the window wall I'd have my back to the door. Read somewhere that's very bad feng shui (sp?).
Stay warm up there. My sister said they had a bit of snow yesterday in Champaign. Ellen.