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Friday, November 21, 2008

Nearly There

I had never liked my previous cutting table as it was way too long and took up way too much space. I wanted something which would be really efficient and economical and serve more than one purpose in the new studio. Starting with three ClosetMaid basket systems (two found at the thrift store, one newly purchased at Lowe's) we went in search of a top. Several options were considered before we decided on a Luan hollow-core door. The doors are 80" long and come in varying widths. I close 30" as it fit well with my large cutting mat. The doors are light and easy to transport and fairly inexpensive ($21 - $28 or so).

My wonderful brother-in-law Tom came over this morning to shorten the door - removing 14" from one end. That left a 6 1/8" overhang on either side. Strips of wood were screwed to the underside to keep the door stable and voila - I have a custom table! I'm really pleased with this, especially the size. Thank you, Tom!

Here I am 'assisting' my brother-in-law.

Strips of wood were screwed into the table on both ends. The door
was then flipped upside down.

A view from below. These strips hold the door firmly in place.

This table is the perfect length, giving me just enough room
for my cutting mat, pressing surface and templates.

I bought unfinished knobs for my newly painted little dresser. Sprayed with a clear finish, they look like the ones on my Horn cabinet. My DH hooked up the stereo our son and DIL had given me. DH thinks I'd get better sound if the speakers were on top of the shelves.

Some of my vintage sewing things are finally on display above my fabric shelves.


Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Great cutting table solution! Your new studio will be such a soul-satisfying place to create!

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I've used a lot of Luan mahogany doors for different things.
They were the sturdiest thing I could find for shelves in my store room. They're great and affordable.
We left them unfinished and I found out that they stained anything they touched and rubbed on with a reddish brown stain.
I don't know if you sealed your's or not, but you may want to.

Jackie said...

Your sewing room is looking good! I love the idea of using the doo. I'd also love to hear about how you like using your Horn Cabinet.