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Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Late Post About Thanksgiving

Matthew and Suzie share a sweet moment before dinner.

We had a glorious day with the kids Thursday. Our best times are always with family. Matthew and Suzie came down from Greensboro laden with a delicious butterscotch pie, green bean casserole, corn casserole, home made applesauce and wine. Bill roasted a beautiful bird and grilled a lovely piece of salmon for Suzie. To that were added dressing, gravy, two kinds of potatoes (mashed and sweet), cranberries, lime salad, rolls, relishes and pumpkin pie. Delish!

When I was a kid, there were special foods reserved just for holidays. Real butter, green and ripe olives were served only at those times. Ours was a very frugal farm family and these treats were expensive. I've continued the tradition somewhat. Sweet Midgies (why don't they change this politically incorrect name?), Matthew's favorite pickle, and ripe olives are not on our weekly grocery list.

For our turkeys, we always use the vintage 'Savory Roaster' which once belonged to my Aunt Esther. Dressing is baked in a pan and not in the bird.

We'd planned to take a family photo (sans dogs who will be PhotoShopped in later) while the kids were here. The afternoon sunshine enticed us to head to Freedom Park where we walked off a few calories, watched the Canadian geese, enjoyed visiting with others out for a stroll and took lots of pictures.

Goosey Gander

The water was a beautiful color in the late afternoon.

Suzie and Matthew were the official photographers for the day.

Suzie gets a close-up of Matthew.
Check Suzie's new wedding photography website: http://philipsuzanne.com/

Matthew shoots a father/son self-portrait.

Suzie and Bill check a possible photo site for our family portrait.

They were fascinated by the cloudy/misty grass found there.

It had such an ephemeral quality.
Click on photo for a closer view.

Pictures taken, we headed home for pie and lounging. The kids and Numa, their dog we're keeping for a while, snuggled on the sofa. As you can see from the picture, Numa misses them and they her.

The eyes have it!

The day was over much too soon and the kids headed home. We are so thankful to all be here for another Thanksgiving and for the many, many blessings we've received this year. Hope your holiday was lovely too!

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