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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Freeeeeeeze Warning!

The last of the crop.

Last veggies from our garden.

It is cold here and will drop to 23 by morning. My DH recently gathered the last of the peppers and green tomatoes from our garden. We're rationing them out hoping to make them last longer. Nothing tastes like fresh tomatoes!

I've been gathering and preserving fall leaves to use in my art. These were submerged in a 2:1 mixture of water and glycerin for five days. The color is not as vivid as I'd hoped, but better than it would have been had I'd pressed them.

Leaves are drained and dried following a five-day glycerin soak.

Brilliant color from Matthew's tree.
He planted it himself when he was about 10.

Leaves are being preserved as they fall.

I'd pressed a bunch of Japanese maple leaves last year from the tree our son planted when he was little. Several were used in fiber art postcards exchanged through the art2mail group. This year the leaves will be preserved in glycerin so that they'll be more pliable.

Above are two fiber art postcards made last year.
Note the darker color of the pressed maple leaves.

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