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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ray of Life

New York Beauty
84" x 98"

Corner Detail

Matthew's favorite number is 11 - and he likes to play pool.
I found the perfect fabric amongst scraps I had.
He and Suzie chose Nov. 11 (11/11) for their wedding day
nearly three years ago.

Border Detail

I've just completed my largest and most technically difficult quilt project ever. My nearly three-year labor of love is a wedding quilt for my son Matthew and his bride Suzie. The New York Beauty is in their favorite colors of blue and orange with added yellows and acid greens. Its title is Ray of Life.

I spent nearly two months fooling around with the border, changing my mind about colors and design several times. I ended up removing the border I had my heart set on, and am now glad I did. I'm very happy with the final choice of orange and blue which helps set the color scheme more strongly. It was definitely the best choice.

I was going to have the piece hand-quilted, but in view of my life-threatening cardiac event two months ago, I know time is of the essence. So, off it will go to be long-arm quilted. I want the kids to have the quilt now! I know how close I came to not being able to finish it for them.

Photo credit: Bill Guerrant


Gerrie said...

It is absolutely gorgeous, Ellen. I know that they will cherish it. Keep a positive attitude and take good care of yourself!!

Virginia said...

It is beautiful quilt Ellen -- very vibrant. I suspect that they are a fun couple. I'm sure that they will cherish this for years to come. You are a good mother. Stars in your crown.

norma said...

I love the New York Beauty, too. And the colors you chose just make it sing. Beautiful!!

Linda Teddlie Minton said...

Ellen, it is GORGEOUS! What a great Mom.
Linda in Houston

Sarah E. said...

Ellen, how absolutely lovely! The color scheme is great, and I love how you worked in the pool ball detail; also, I particularly like how the border turned out. Great decision to have it long-armed -- I bet they can't wait!

Exuberant Color said...

That's the perfect border. That is a happy quilt if I ever saw one.

Diana said...

What a wonderful quilt! Tell your Matt and his Suzie that my Joe and I will be married 31 years this November 11. Our anniversary is 11/11/77. I figured a Navy veteran would be able to remember that day! lol I will keep them in my prayers on 'our' shared special day!

Rhondi said...

Hi Ellen
The wedding quilt is gorgeous! I love any new york beauty design. Your studio redo is coming along great! It's always fun to get everything organized isn't it?
Enjoy your day!
Hugs, Rhondi