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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Playing with Photoshop

I'm a member of the Art Quilt Network, a group which meets twice a year in Columbus Ohio. Several years ago Mary Bartok came to teach us to make different types of books. I was amazed at the different types of materials Mary used - most of which had been scavanged.

Since that time I have been selectively saving different types of paper including junk mail. Using my scanner and Photoshop this morning, I decided to play with a couple of the more interesting pieces. It was great fun, even with my limited knowledge of the capabilities of the tool. I can already imagine all sorts of applications in my art.

Here are the results:

Original black on white

PhotoShop adjustment to cyan

Photoshop adjustment to green

Photoshop adjustment to magenta

Original number two

Photoshop adjustment to yellow

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