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Monday, October 13, 2008

Barking Dog Fabric Artist

I also purchased a small piece (not shown as it will be a gift) from Deborah Langsam, a fellow guild member whose work I've long admired. Deborah's art encompasses many realms, with a focus on images of historic Charlotte.

Deborah Langsam with her awe-inspiring piece -
Under The Eyes of Queen Charlotte
Photo courtesy of Susan Brubaker Knapp

Courtesy of Deborah Langsam

My DH and I first saw the incredible quilt shown above in a gallery show honoring the late Warren Burgess, a city planner and long time friend of my husband's. I'd only viewed the piece from afar until this weekend when I had the good fortune of being right next to Deborah and her art at the Barnful of Quilts. An eagle-eyed friend of my DH's, who'd also worked for the city, pointed out the photos of many Charlotte notables, some long departed. BTW - the thousands of tiny photos are each about 1/2" square. Deborah's masterful work Under the Eyes of Queen Charlotte is truly a tribute to the history of the City of Charlotte and deserves to be in a museum.

Deborah and her husband, Joal Fischer (a retired pediatrician) have a business together - Barking Dog Chocolatiers. The proceeds go to SupportWorks a nonprofit founded by Joal. The organization helps individuals find and form support groups and research medical information. This link will also take you to Barking Dog Chocolatiers:

To read more this amazing couple and the noble work they're doing, check these links:

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