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Monday, October 27, 2008

There Goes My Baby

This morning I delivered the wedding quilt (my baby) to Rebecca Verrier-Watt, a very talented long-arm quilter in Harrisburg NC - about 25 miles from me. She and I spent lots of time discussing which design elements to use for quilting. There will be pebbles and spikes and feathers and other motifs appropriate for a bright, contemporary piece. I'd initially thought feathers were too traditional, but Rebecca shared new designs which were more modern in feel. She will use a variegated King Tut thread in oranges and yellows from Superior.


Trying to think green like the kids, I chose a Nature-Fil 50% bamboo and 50% organic cotton batt by Fairfield. I'd read about it and was delighted to feel its softness. Although an expensive choice, it seemed perfect for the quilt. I can't wait to see it finished! I know it will look great.

For more about Rebecca click here:

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Art of the Quilt - An Invitational Show in Virginia

Orange Slice
19 3/4 x 23"


Shrimp Creole

I'll have work in the Sixth Biennial Invitational Quilt Show: The Art of the Quilt in Martinsville VA. November 7 - December 27. An opening reception and gallery talk will be held Friday, Nov. 7 at 5:30. Location: Piedmont Arts, 215 Starling Ave., Martinsville.

Curated by Linda Fiedler and Tina Sell, this is always a very nice show with work from artists throughout the southeast. For further information, click here:

Something Else I've Finished

My sister Sue sent these photos of the quilt I finished for her earlier this year.

Sue chose the bedroom paint color based on the fabrics in the quilt.

I love the new Mission-style bed!

Another major accomplishment this year was finally finishing the quilt my Mother was working on at the time of her death. Mother had started it after my father died, wanting something she could work on during trips. She'd pieced and quilted each block by hand and had completed many. I made and quilted five more blocks, assembled the quilt and added borders.

The quilt was delivered to my sister Sue, who lives in IL, at a family reunion in MN last July. I think it looks great on Sue and John's new bed. I'm really glad I made an extra wide border.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ray of Life

New York Beauty
84" x 98"

Corner Detail

Matthew's favorite number is 11 - and he likes to play pool.
I found the perfect fabric amongst scraps I had.
He and Suzie chose Nov. 11 (11/11) for their wedding day
nearly three years ago.

Border Detail

I've just completed my largest and most technically difficult quilt project ever. My nearly three-year labor of love is a wedding quilt for my son Matthew and his bride Suzie. The New York Beauty is in their favorite colors of blue and orange with added yellows and acid greens. Its title is Ray of Life.

I spent nearly two months fooling around with the border, changing my mind about colors and design several times. I ended up removing the border I had my heart set on, and am now glad I did. I'm very happy with the final choice of orange and blue which helps set the color scheme more strongly. It was definitely the best choice.

I was going to have the piece hand-quilted, but in view of my life-threatening cardiac event two months ago, I know time is of the essence. So, off it will go to be long-arm quilted. I want the kids to have the quilt now! I know how close I came to not being able to finish it for them.

Photo credit: Bill Guerrant

Playing with Photoshop

I'm a member of the Art Quilt Network, a group which meets twice a year in Columbus Ohio. Several years ago Mary Bartok came to teach us to make different types of books. I was amazed at the different types of materials Mary used - most of which had been scavanged.

Since that time I have been selectively saving different types of paper including junk mail. Using my scanner and Photoshop this morning, I decided to play with a couple of the more interesting pieces. It was great fun, even with my limited knowledge of the capabilities of the tool. I can already imagine all sorts of applications in my art.

Here are the results:

Original black on white

PhotoShop adjustment to cyan

Photoshop adjustment to green

Photoshop adjustment to magenta

Original number two

Photoshop adjustment to yellow

Monday, October 13, 2008

Barking Dog Fabric Artist

I also purchased a small piece (not shown as it will be a gift) from Deborah Langsam, a fellow guild member whose work I've long admired. Deborah's art encompasses many realms, with a focus on images of historic Charlotte.

Deborah Langsam with her awe-inspiring piece -
Under The Eyes of Queen Charlotte
Photo courtesy of Susan Brubaker Knapp

Courtesy of Deborah Langsam

My DH and I first saw the incredible quilt shown above in a gallery show honoring the late Warren Burgess, a city planner and long time friend of my husband's. I'd only viewed the piece from afar until this weekend when I had the good fortune of being right next to Deborah and her art at the Barnful of Quilts. An eagle-eyed friend of my DH's, who'd also worked for the city, pointed out the photos of many Charlotte notables, some long departed. BTW - the thousands of tiny photos are each about 1/2" square. Deborah's masterful work Under the Eyes of Queen Charlotte is truly a tribute to the history of the City of Charlotte and deserves to be in a museum.

Deborah and her husband, Joal Fischer (a retired pediatrician) have a business together - Barking Dog Chocolatiers. The proceeds go to SupportWorks a nonprofit founded by Joal. The organization helps individuals find and form support groups and research medical information. This link will also take you to Barking Dog Chocolatiers:

To read more this amazing couple and the noble work they're doing, check these links:

Supporting Other Artists

When I arrived at the barn yesterday, there were dozens of gorgeous colorful quilts displayed on the long fence. I did not realize the quilts were for sale until I walked down to Valerie's home for lunch! All were made by the talented dynamo Corinne Schroeder with proceeds going to her church.

This one had to come home with me:

Corrine's colorful batik quilt is 53" square.


Corrine teaches for Overall Quilter, a sponsor of A Barnful of Quilts. It is a delightful shop in Indian Trail NC owned by Aimee and Marc Griffin.
Be sure to check their website:

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Barnful of Quilts

On the second Saturday in October each year a magnificent barn is literally transformed into a gallery for quilts and other arts. Valerie Fox, an extraordinarily generous woman, holds a one-day event to benefit her church - Waxhaw Presbyterian. A Barnful of Quilts is truly a delight. This year I was honored to be the featured contemporary quilt artist.

The magnificent barn at Fox Family Farms http://www.foxfamilyfarm.com/
where Valerie Fox raises grand national winning Paso Fino horses.

One of Valerie's mares and her colt.

Heartstrings, the quilt Valerie chose for the publicity postcard, is displayed at the entrance to the circle arena.


This shot shows how tall the walls in the circle gallery are. My DH and I had just finished hanging the show.

My friend, superstar Susan Brubaker Knapp took this photo of me on show day. Susan, also a part of Barnful this year, has posted tons of fabulous pictures about the event. Be sure to check her blog: http://wwwbluemoonriver.blogspot.com/

There were 104 linear feet to cover in my gallery area. I placed a few pieces from my pastel period near very cool blue and green chairs Valerie loaned me.

An aeriel view of the same area.

The table area was set up to hold my portfolio, postcards and bio sheets. I made a foam-core form to hold the child's jacket. Hand-painted silk scarves hung in front of a stationary center post covered with a patchwork quilt bag. My favorite scarf went home with my long-time friend Vivian.

We Fix Broken Hearts was hung in the center of the long wall.


Continuing to the right.......

Valerie's red and purple chairs looked great with the first quilt in my heart series - Hold on My Heart....Throw Me a Lifeline.

Another small table held more postcards and bio sheets, my Moo cards, hand-dyed fabrics and patterns.

I wish everyone could have experienced the sixth annual Barnful. It was a great, great day. The women of Waxhaw Presbyterian Church prepared and served a delicious lunch of sandwiches, fresh fruit and four different kinds of home-made soups. Yum! Everyone was so helpful and kind - especially Valerie. Crowds were great. Not only were many quilting friends there, but I saw people I hadn't seen in over twenty years! Several women who'd been members of my guild way back in the 1980s, when it had 35 members, stopped by. A dear friend of my husband's drove many, many miles to see the show. Thank you, Ann.

I left the show with such a warm feeling in my heart. It was a joy and a priviledge to be a small part of A Barnful of Quilts 2008.

Valerie's home, a very old part of which was moved to the property. This warm and welcoming house has soul.

A grand view from one of the delightful porches

Beautiful barn window.

Photos by Bill Guerrant unless otherwise stated.

Friday, October 3, 2008

My Uncle Jack

Jack Erb
May the angels fly thee sweetly to thy rest.

My Mother's baby brother died unexpectedly last night. Uncle Jack was just a few years older than me, as Mother was the oldest and he was the youngest of a family of nine children.

He'd had surgery Wednesday for a disc problem in his neck. He was in great shape and feeling fine post-op. Family had seen him at 10 Thursday evening and he died suddenly sometime in the next hour.

We truly mourn his loss.